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viewed from the observatory


A curled horn in the ear
An STP t-shirt
An Everyready t-shirt
Apple green jeans with the bottoms rolled
No socks

A maxi skirt with an op-art pattern

A fleece windbreaker with nothing underneath, unzipped to the breastbone, powder blue

A cheese-orange and light grey backpack

A scoop neck long sleeve t-shirt with men’s work pants and a navy watch cap

Adidas running shorts cut almost at the crotch

Faux leather zippered blouson in lamp black

Loose and flowing, dirty blue sweatshirt with white elbow patches, worn open

Loud blue, white and brown plaid with a muted mouse-tan jacket and cotton trousers of indeterminate shade

Pea green collarless cardigan with dotted black short-sleeve button down

Forest greet waist-length trench or bush jacket with shapeless grey flannel skirt, dark tights and clogs

Aqua blue and purple horizontal striped tee with hip-length pale cardigan and plastic cowboy hat in pink and white

Bubble vest and long sleeve yoga-style tee

Brocade and cable knit hemp shawl collar sweater, skinny jeans, rubber clogs, and red leather backpack

Denim shirt and white bedspread fabric scarf, with zipped ankle boot on a four inch heel

Horn rims, acne, hand woven grey wool bonnet, work pants, rubber toed slippers

Quilted orange windbreaker, white t-shirt with logo including a Greek letter over the left breast, track pants

Pullover grey hoodie sans zipper, raw umber jeans

Black tights, cutoff jeans, cerulean blue down jacket long sleeve black baby doll tee

UGGs, turquoise sweat pants with lettering on the upper right hip

Paisley blouse, short hair, ‘Indian’ jewelry bought in Sonoma

Herringbone and black fleece park with fake-fur-lined hood, short black skirt, wing tip ankle boots and the ubiquitous black tights

Lavender track pants, navy fleece jacket, white trousers, backpack

Short sleeve ‘hair shirt’ cardigan over white scoop neck top and baby blue patterned tee, skinny jeans and cheap flats

…wearing a meatloaf sandwich…

“Girls’” thermal underwear top, bluish with tiny pink flowers

Black Skecher sneakers, black vinyl windbreaker with white piping, black cotton hoodie, denim pants, shag hair cut, mildew

Knee high riding boots, transparent umbrella with lime colored border

Apple green ‘Mexico’ soccer tee with grey sweatshorts

Pinstripe charcoal parka with fake fur-lined hood, faded red fleece scarf with repeating white x’s on it

Navy parka with orange hood lined in navy and safety orange plaid

Faux leather walking shoe with rubber sole, faded baggy iridescent purple pants, oversize leather blouson in black with fake sheepskin lining, also black

Black Converse with black stovepipe jeans, white t-shirt with logo, blue, red/orange, brown and cream colored plaid flannel shirt, worn open

White down parka with fake fur-lined hood, horizontal stripe turtleneck, pink granny style maternity overshirt

Blue and white Pumas, bellbottom jeans, black parka with multiple zippers, fake fur bonnet, also black

Floral headband, hoop earrings, signal red short belted raincoat, shite turtleneck, vinyl snakeskin pattern shoulder bag

Blue plaid messenger bag, pilling forest green wool scarf with fringe, puffy black beret, brown trousers tucked into knee boots, short green hooded wool coat with belted cuffs, and copper-flecked reading glasses

Maroon satin down vest with grey stand-up collar and lining, maroon ribbed turtleneck, black pants, stockings and buckled flats, engine red handbag in leather

Grey/brown wool blend sneakers with turquoise leather band

Yellow baggy jeans with the cuffs rolled up and a rose pink sweat shirt over the hip, bearing faux Japanese lettering on the back and a scrambled image

Chocolate brown ribbed zip front sweater, sunglasses on the head, blue jeans, a pendant

Bright red muscle tee.

Mother (80’s) and daughter (50’s) wearing matching tinseled midnight blue docksiders

Green ragg wool crew sweater with elaborate elbow brace, denim jeans, trainers

Gaultier “Arlecchino” leather jacket and beard braided into a single, long dyed strand; wire rims, shaved skull

Black ski pants with black galoshes

Teal green ‘good Republican coat’, short, with skinny jeans, matching wool scarf, and dark salmon colored Keds, red laces/white trim, and purple leatherette gloves

Stanford soccer hoodie in black, with black stretch capris

Black ski pants tucked into high top black sneakers, a big cat painted on each leg at the calf, quilted coffee-brown down jacket with wisps of fake fur on the hood, reading glasses, and asymmetrical haircut

White and navy blue New Balance, cream colored jeans, maroon down vest, ball cap

Tan harness boots, black tights, horizontally patterned red white and black mini dress, black hoodie with white laces, dark brown shoulder bag

Black ski pants zippered across the thigh, oversize dark brown Lakers hoodie, beige ball cap, trainers,

Velour tights in purple, black Doc Martens, loose long weave cardigan wrap-around, patterned white and grey blouse, lemon-lime socks

Uggs and black tights and grey hoodie

Fred Perry tennis uniform

This guy in the suit with his milk allergy

Apple green parka, electric blue top, black pants, white running shoes w/grey soles and pink detailing

Purple and yellow Oakland Tech hoodie, men’s mom jeans, brown Merrells

Blue-green cargo pants, black trainers with grey and white bands, navy pea coat

White headband, black Uggs, acid wash jeans, diamond quilted gaffer tape-colored vest, cable knit shawl-collar, black fleece sleeves

Tight orange velour hoodie, turquoise wool scarf, blue fingerless gloves, dark teal pants tucked into boots

Floral silver clogs (red-orange pattern), black yoga pants, half zip grey sweat top

Hooded ankle length overcoat, bottle green, with black fleece-lined hood

Laceless imitation converse, orange and grey tennis sock, jeans with cuffs rolled to mid ankle, Northface parka in hooker’s green

Plastic frame sunglasses hooked to zipper, 2 color hennaed hair

Hooded yellow ass-length windbreaker, charcoal grey sweats, iridescent-accented training shoes

Suede boots in camel with faux wood heel, dark green skinny pants, hip length macramé sweater in mauve, grey plush shoulder bag

Dark teal cuffed leather biker jacket violet and grey scarf, blue jeans, vinyl moccasins in raw umber

Blunnies, blue jeans, black down vest, grey jersey, striped wool scarf in purple, grey, red, green, reading glasses
Brown brogues, utility blue jeans,

rust-colored fleece half-zip, black and grey horizontal striped socks, tan oxfords

newsboy cap, blue sweatshirt, blue plaid shirt, faded denim pants

checkerboard vans, black sateen trousers, distressed brown leather bomber jacket

chestnut colored leather blazer, beige cotton crew neck sweater, faded blue jeans, black cloth mary janes, gold wristwatch with brown leather band

black track pants with grey stripes, white trainers with purple soles, black workout jacket, grey half zip pullover with lime green collar lining

patent flats with grey tinsel rosette on toe, skinny jeans, acrylic sweater-jacket with shawl collar, white camisole

navy Adidas hoodie with men’s mom jeans, maroon patent lace-up half-boots

Rockports, grey khakis, brown hunting jacket

Pea green elastic-waisted shorts, grey t-shirt

Rust-colored corduroy work shirt belted into black high rise jeans, vest in ocean green, in artificial fabric, mushroom brown ball cap

Midnight blue mom jeans, blue and white plaid shirt, open full zip cardigan with 2 shades of brown horizontally striped on shoulders, beige torso

Khaki-colored painter pants

Grey hoodie with red animal logo on breast, hood worn over red beanie

Rolling Stones logo ball cap and rugby shirt in blue red and green with yellow piping

Side part clone cut and beard, wearing black jeans with keys hanging, leather soled shoes, black and grey horizontal stripe sweater, bomber jacket…has ocd

Size large beige knit cap with ears, over long black dreads

Red and black checked wool pajama bottoms, horizontal pink white and blue striped hoodie, facial jewelry and beard

Beige moccasins, black capris buttoned at the calf, denim jacket, navy hoodie

Chestnut-colored Doc martens, black straight leg jeans, pea coat with collar turned up

Maroon New Balance black and white horizontal striped shorts, grey hoodie, grey beanie

Wood-heeled lace-ups screaming cheeeeap, embroidered pocket jeans, grey car coat, self-conscious over-groomed side part hair cut (clone look)

Green sneakers, pale blue tight pants, tan windbreaker, purple scarf

Black Keds

Green cable macramé knit vest with fake fur trim, floral shor sleeve peter pan collar shirt, maroon underjersey, blue jeans, horizontal striped sock, one trouser leg rolled, trainers

Black wool tights, red and white patterned short wool skirt, big boots and mittens

Blue pinstripe button down shirt, embroidered ‘jordache style’ bellbottoms, rockports, belt

Renaissance cut grey blousey sweater with low neck, blue jeans rolled cuffs, grey socks, brown fake suede shoes with fringe flaps

Green and red wide horizontal band crew neck sweater, blue jeans, New Balance in black

Lavender pants, blue and white striped socks, grey Tom’s beige short belted raincoat, grey wool bonnet, grey scarf, white rimmed sunglasses with brown lenses, blue pinstripe shirt

Yellow long sleeve polo sweat over white tee, blue men’s mom jeans, black and white sneakers

Grey Uggs, teal-colored bubble jacket, large collared grey pullover, black sweatpants, plaid handbag, blue Le Sportsac

Black clogs & socks, black pants, black down jacket, black leather gloves, red and black patterned fleece sweater

Fake suede ankle boots, black tights, short black skirt, grey hoodie

Teva sandals, black socks, blue jeans, red parka

Black Adidas with white stripes, black pants, red tee, black Derby jacket

Brown work boots, blue denim painters’ pants, hooded blue parka, blue beanie worn over the ears with white sunglasses on top

INTERESTING red shoes with elastic zigzag band, blue jeans, lavender bubble jacket

Purple corduroy Tom’s with laces removed, teal-colored hooded zipped up windbreaker, blue skinny jeans with cuffs rolled

Houndstooth mid-length coat, ankle boots, grey tights

Waist-length women’s pea coat/bolero in black, black pleated skirt to mid calf, deep green sweater, ankle boots and black tights, purple suede shoulder bag

Black loafers, men’s mom jeans, grey hoodie

Clogs, maxi skirt, down jacket, gloves

Red pointy flats, skin tight tan jeans with no socks, floral pattern short jacket and mismatched floral pattern shoulder bag, rainbow-fade sweater

Low rise black jeans, black sneakers with white soles, oversize ball cap with logo worn under hoodie, belt holding jeans around the boxers, teddy bear backpack

Red Uggs, black tights, pleated grey skirt to mid-calf

Pink Tom’s, bright red shoulder bag in canvas, navy hooded parka with fake fur trim

White toggle coat, platform soles

High heeled harness boot with jeans tucked in, waist length grey overcoat, powder puff pink loose weave scarf

Fake fur vest in grey, pink hoodie, grey pants with zip-up ankles and hand-applied extra buttons on the knee level side pocket, grey puffy bonnet in wool

Turquoise sneakers with fluorescent pink and orange trim

Black converse, black painters’ pants, red down parka with hood

Brown clogs, grey cords, black down vest, charcoal grey tee

Army green pants with white pinstripes, grey World Series Champs Giants jersey, white sneakers with blue band

Black ankle boots, pale denim men’s mom jeans, black leather baseball cap, brown and black checked scarf, blue workshirt, billowing black leather jacket

Green hunting parka with brown corduroy collar

Red and grey large pattern plaid shirt, faded black jeans, blue and lime green trainers

Black high heel orthopedic shoes, green corduroy pants, calf-length grey hooded parka, lemon colored socks, brown faded smock

Black brogues, black pants, short blue wool overcoat

Wide topped black ankle boots, sheer black tights, black hot pants, grey shoulder bag, grey sweater

Grey hoodie with white lining, blue jeans

Brown bomber jacket, blue work pants, white trainers

High heeled ankle boots, red and blue horizontal striped stockings, skirt

(miscellaneous biking and tennis outfits)

purple, black and grey flannel shirt , grey work pants, black Adidas poolside flipflops with orange socks

rust, grey and indigo striped sweater, black faded jeans

short belted khaki-colored rain jacket, bright red and white narrow-striped scarf, tan high heeled boots with dark blue skinny eans tucked in, red and white vinyl ‘leopard spotted’, zippered clutch

poofy fake fur Russian-style hat, ladies motorcycle boots, black snakeskin pattern pants, belted black parka with knotted scarf, unfortunate long permanent wave…

grey striped horse blanket-type poncho and black ‘riding boots’, black tights, white leather shoulder bag

cream-colored hoodie, up, brown vest with fake fur collar

Helmut Kohl-style black overcoat, black pleated pants, black loafers

Sweater in 2 shades of blue divided by a white stripe, blue jeans, grey backpack, silver and yellow running shoes, wire rim glasses

Grey cable knit crew neck sweater over white tee, black corduroy Levi’s

Grey sweat top, clogs (what’re the ones with holes called), jeans, purplish baseball cap with sunglasses worn on visor

Brown windbreaker with tan lining, grey trousers

Army jacket, purplish blue cords

Knee high black boots with green, tight jeans tucked in, flared grey, black and white patterned short wool overcoat

Black leather jacket, pale green jeans, black beanie with grey stripes

Short maroon down jacket, pink winter wool hat, pleated black pants, sneakers

Brown fleece jacket, blue levi’s, brown walking shoes, pony tail and horn rims

Pink broad-collared cardigan, rust scarf, ultramarine sweater, blue jeans with embroidered pockets, green fringed purse in suede, grey winter wool hat with bill

Raiders’ beanie, hooded brown velour short coat with belt, black jeans

Black tux or track pants, marine green parka, black work boots, black beanie

Hooded red down jacket, Spanish cowboy hat with string bolo

Teal green scarf, turquoise backpack, grey fleece-lined windbreaker, dark indigo skinny jeans

Black windbreaker, navy crew neck sweater, light blue oxford shirt

Red beanie with black and white striped edge, black quilted down jacket

Long sleeve grey t-shirt, black tee underneath, blue jeans, white running shoes

Matching powder blue fleece vest and beanie, black jersey and black stretch pants

Knee brace, basketball shorts, athletic jersey with long sleeves and logo

Bright red rain hat, black overcoat, Prussian blue pants, white socks, brown loafers

Turquoise pants, olive and black hooded overshirt, brown and white baseball cap, running shoes

(the kids wear brighter colors than the adults)

black baseball cap and sweater and jeans

hand knit green and brown sweater, blue jeans, silver trainers

plaid coat in orange-ish red with fake fur shawl collar, green scarf, green cotton trousers, red shoes

black, charcoal, and pale grey hoodie, blue baseball cap

powder blue Adidas hoodie, navy beanie, khaki cargo shorts, sneakers

purple Uggs, black eared fake fur hat with pompoms hanging, skinny pants

pink reading glasses, ultramarine parka

blue and green flannel shirt, jeans

capri pants, flat shoes (Merrells), grey and black snow jacket

red poncho with tie, turquoise short skirt, heels, sheer black stockings

turquoise corduroys, North Face jacket in black

belted short black raincoat with collar up, loose rose colored scarf, grey tight pants, black boots with four buckles up each leg

powder blue baseball cap, long frizzy white hairdo, matching filled jacket; grey-green cargo pants, unusual two-tone shoes in tan and black, almost like sandals

mid-thigh-length plaid coat worn open, tight grey pants, knee boots

tan baseball cap, black down parka, blue jeans, white sneakers

grey track jacket with white stripes, full length yoga pants, sneakers

jean jacket, horizontally striped black and white jersey dress, capri leggings in black, and grey-brown distressed leather lace-up half boots

rust-colored heels, black and white striped socks with red hearts on them, black velveteen pants, dark grey cardigan wrapped around the waist, scoop neck black t-shirt

turquoise sweater, hair in face, distressed brown leather round-toed half boots, black leggings tucked into them

beige short sleeve scoop neck cotton blouse with large grey polka dots, black clogs, black, red and grey argyle socks, overcoat in lap

light turquoise blue kimono-style overjacket, hand embroidered with orange and red floral motif, matching red scarf with light olive geometric motif, matching red op art stockings, prescription sunglasses in oversize cat-eye shape, silver Indian or Tibetan dangle earrings. The red could be said to be vermillion. Underneath, an orange top in the color of the orange flowers on the blue jacket. Matching kiwi-sized turquoise beads and additional coral-colored stone necklace, comic book-themed shoulder bag, purple cell phone

Bob Marley t-shirt and grey hoodie, plastic frame glasses

Green and ochre striped sweater with ochre colored pocket , blue jeans

Zippered Penn sweatshirt, blue jeans, white sneakers

White patterned summer skirt with shoulder-padded, winter tweed, hip-hugging jacket

Lavender leggings, cheesy ankle boots, eggshell-colored, skirted overcoat with fur collar

Black, yellow, and white plaid flannel shirt, blue jeans, flat sneakers with stripes

Salmon colored sweatshirt worn with khakis

Tight pink overalls under flowing black hooded cardigan; boots

Black, yellow, and white long sleeve paisley dress in artificial fabric, black leggings

Black hoodie with tri-color neon “Destiny” logo, baggy pants, heavy dark glasses

“Oakland 2012” t-shirt in black and white with black and white running shorts

deep rose shawl, olive and beige upholstery-style dress, blue jeans, espadrilles

orange shirt with blue diamond patterned stripes, deep red, green and ochre argyle sweater vest, floppy hat

black windbreaker with epaulets and black and white checked lining, blue jeans, black Converse

yellow Champion shirt, army green jacket, billed cap, drawstring pants, sneakers

Japanese Noh Mask on head, leashed cat on shoulder