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How the Butøh_Butch Costume Series is Infiltrating HOPPLA!!!

Somehow, the Death Family has been temporarily kicked out of its fourth story abode and an entire collage model is now inhabited by The Movement as represented by the Butøh_Butch characters. That is to say, dyke squatters have taken over the tenement. This reality is to be seen currently in the studio, where several maquettes of the Death's apartment building are taking form. The Butøh_Butch characters are living there as paper dolls on all four floors. Meanwhile, the Death Family, or Dada and Mama, at any rate, are on vacation in Iran.

Other Butoh_Butch characters are staging a fashion show that flatters their style, on various subway platforms around the City for Gendarmes. A cardboard model representing the runway is also set up right now in my studio.

Please see Grandes Toilettes de Ville for the Duchamp-inspired edition of the Défilé de Mode de Sales Goiunes.

On The Mutability Of These Projects